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Happy #resistesdsu #TeamTuesday! Check out the latest article by @DrHerreraSDSU and @KovatsSanchez in the Journal of Hispanic Higher Education @AAHHEorg. This article highlights the role of community among Latina/o/x students pursuing degrees STEM at HSIs.

LAST DAY to apply for the postdoc position @resiste_sdsu DUE 1/7:
@DrHerreraSDSU @ahsieducators @ASHEoffice @ashegrads @ASHE_CEP @AERASIG_Latinx @AERADiv_J @AERAdivjgradnet @AERA_EdResearch @AERA_Grads @AAHHEorg

1 DAY LEFT! Hiring postdoc interested in STEM ed, HSIs, CC pathways & collaborative research exp. DUE 1/7: @DrHerreraSDSU @ahsieducators @ASHEoffice @ashegrads @ASHE_CEP
@AERASIG_Latinx @AERADiv_J @AERAdivjgradnet @AERA_EdResearch @AERA_Grads

3 DAYS LEFT! Apply for the postdoc position by this Fri. 1/7 and join our #resistesdsu team. For more info, visit @DrHerreraSDSU
@ASHEoffice @ashegrads @ASHE_CEP @AERASIG_Latinx @AERADiv_J @AERAdivjgradnet @AERA_EdResearch @AERA_Grads

REMINDER: Hiring postdoc w/ interests in STEM ed, HSIs, CC pathways & collab research exp. Apps DUE 1/7: @ahsieducators @sacnas @ASHEoffice @ashegrads @ASHE_CEP @AERASIG_Latinx @AERADiv_J @AERAdivjgradnet @AERA_EdResearch @AERA_Grads

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